My W.I.P.s

The King's Reign (The King's Trilogy Book I)
(My main W.I.P.)

All Emily wants is to live peacefully in her kingdom, but when an attack from an unknown evil reaches Poll, Emily along with four other companions are forced to leave the comforts of home and into a rebellion she didn’t even know was needed.
Evil will clash with good, but who will win and what will the price of victory be?

Status: First draft compleat, In the revising process.

Word Count: 58,482

The Secret of Lateánnör

Abigail and her brother were just normal people doing normal things. Or so they thought.
When they encounter a strange lady on the back of their property, the world as they know it will turn upside down and they will be forced into a strange world full of strange creatures they were thought to be only in fairytales. 

Status: First draft (Alpha stage)

Word Count: 10,355

My untitled NaNoWriMo project of 2019

Two sisters who were orphaned at a young age, must learn to work out their differences in order to remove the tyrant king and stop an invasion.

Status: Finished but on hold (Meaning that I am setting it aside to work on other projects.)