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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I am Naomi if you haven't already guessed that and here I'd like to share a few
things about myself. I am a 16-year-old homeschooler who obviously loves to write. I am super extroverted on
the internet but in real life, I can get a little reserved with people I don't know very well (I am trying to break that
I love to read, What writer doesn't? Some of my favorites are Lord of the Rings, The Wingfeather Saga and The
Chronicles of Narnia. Those are just a few but if I listed all of my favorites then we would be here for a long time. 
I am an INFJ or the Advocate according to the 16 Personalities 
I am a proud member of the Young Writers Workshop. (If you haven't checked that out yet, you need to.) 
I am the oldest of five siblings. 
I am known to spontaneously burst into song at random intervals throughout the day.
I am going to try to post here once a week on Fridays.
My goal for this blog is to encourage young people to pursue Christ and their dreams.
I will also be posting writing tips, book/movie reviews, and probably a bit of randomness.
My main topic is going to be writing, but I am not going to limit myself to only that.
I am very excited to get to know you all and look forward to sharing what I know about… Well, things. XD
I love reading comments so don't hesitate type one out. Do you have siblings? What book/movie would you
like me to review first?


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