Green Ember Spoiler Review

My place beside you, my blood for yours. Till the Green Ember rises or the end of the world. 

There's a lot I want to unpack here in this post but I want to give a quick disclaimer first, 

As the title states above, this is a spoiler review. That means I'm going to be giving a lot of spoilers away. If you have not read this book, then I would highly advise you to not read this post until after you've read the book. (Unless you're like my sister and just love spoilers.) 

With that out of the way, let's get started. 

So, if you didn't know, this book was written by the best friend of one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE AUTHORS!!! (If you know me, you can probably already guess which author I'm talking about) Andrew Peterson. Seriously, if you have yet to read his masterpiece, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!? Go to the library right now and check out On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. Right now. Go. 

Just kidding, you don't have to at this moment, but you need to soon. 

Anyway, (I wonder how many times I'm gonna say that on this post) because of the fact stated above, I had high hopes for this book, (And I still have high hopes for the rest of the books in the series) and those hopes were met and exceeded. 

When my sister was reading this book before I did, she really enjoyed it and (because she loves spoilers) told me all about it. Much of what she says I forgot, but the biggest spoiler that she told me, I remembered because it sounded so absurd. "Smalls is Jupiter's heir!" she shouted to me as I ran down the hallway trying to avoid the spoilers she was telling me. (We were all having fun. Just so you know 😉)

But enough about the backstory, let's get into the things I liked and didn't like so much about this book. 

If you're reading this post and have no idea anything about this book, (I don't see why you'd be doing this unless you absolutely don't want to read this book. In that case, why are you reading this post?) here's the back-cover blurb.

Heather and Picket are extraordinary rabbits with ordinary lives until calamitous events overtake them, spilling them into a cauldron of misadventures. They discover that their own story is bound up in the tumult threatening to overwhelm the wider world.

Kings fall and kingdoms totter. Tyrants ascend and terrors threaten. Betrayal beckons, and loyalty is a broken road with peril around every bend.

Where will Heather and Picket land? How will they make their stand?



Pretty much everything!!! But let's unload things one at a time. 

The characters:

The main characters, Heather and Picket Longtredder are both unique but also similar. Heather, the oldest, is brave, selfless, and everything I want to be as an older sister. She loves telling stories to Picket but is terrified about sharing them with the world (something I don't relate to as much.) but by the end, she overcomes that fear and joins the Story Guild with her story. The story of Picket, Smalls, and the adventures of peril, bravery, and just plain awesomeness! 

Emma is another favorite character of mine! She's really funny and happy! And even when the truth about Heather and Picket's ancestry is revealed to them, she still wants to be their friend, unlike most of the rabbits in Cloud Mountian. 

Smalls is, I think one of the bravest characters of them all. Although, in this book, I feel like I didn't get to know him very well because he wasn't present for part of the story when the Longtredder siblings were in Cloud Mountian

There's also this one character who really only has one scene but I still love him, his name is Doctor Zieger. I just love his funny way of speaking! "Put on your britches before you do your stitches." "Much Maggie and hold the Hemler" 

And speaking of Helmer, he's also a wonderful character and I love him so much!!! (And it's totally not because there's a character in the Wingfeather Saga named Podo Helmer, though that may have a great deal to do with it.) He's so sweet and selfless! Even when he believes that victory isn't possible, he still fights with Uncle Wilfred and Lord Rake even to the last breath. And from what my sister's told me about the next books, his backstory is so sad and that just makes me love him even more! And I love it when Picket calls him "Masterchild" and "Wasp" and when Helmer calls Picket "Ladybug".

That's enough about the characters! I could go on and on about how each of them are amazing and wonderful and just... *heart eyes*

The Plot:

I don't know how S. D. Smith did it but the way he wove all of the goals of all the characters, worldbuilding of this world, the lore and backstory, and the overall plot are all woven seamlessly together to form this incredible fabric of magic. 

Let's start with Smalls's role in the story. As I mentioned before, Smalls is Jupiter's heir. King Jupiter was the king of... I forget what the name of the kingdom was called. (shame on me). He was a wonderful and kind king. One of the best kings that they had ever known. (His father was also this way, hence his name King Good) When his father was king, he gave Jupiter the green gem that was in the center of his crown, as a sign that he, among his other brothers, would be the future king. This jewel is called the Green Ember.

Long story short, Jupiter gave the Green Ember to his son, Smalls to signify that he was the heir to the throne as well, and then Jupiter died at the hands of Redeye Garlackson, a wolf. The place where the great king died is called Jupiter's Crossing. What's worse, is that the Longtredder siblings' uncle, betrayed Jupiter in order to get him to come to the crossing. That is why the Longtredder family is despised in Cloud Mountian. 

Towards the end of the book, Kyle, another rabbit, convinces Smalls to go to Jupiter's crossing. What's worse, is Heather told Smalls that she trusted him! I loved how that paralleled with the sequence of events that lead up to King Jupiter's death. 

I guess what I like most about the plot of this book is how things parallel like that and how unique the Green Ember is. I've never seen something like that done before in a book or movie. (Even in The Lost Medallion. Sure, the Medallion had a stone in it but it was completely different from the Green Ember.)

The Plot Twists and Foreshadowing (aka, the twistiness):

I kinda touched on this a little above, but the plot twists are so cleverly crafted and foreshadowed throughout the book that I was just like, "Wow! I did not see that coming!"

I just felt like the whole second half of the book was full of crazy unexpected plot twists that, looking back, I can see them better and all that confusing stuff, in the beginning, makes sense now. 

I just can't stop fangirling about it!!!

The Lore and Worldbuilding:

Worldbuilding is something that I really have a hard time with. Making everything unique and memorable. Rather than just another typical fantasy world with strange plants and animals. This world, the world of Natalia (which I think is such a cool name) things are so unique and realistic. I think my favorite place is Cloud Mountian. I love the way it's hidden in a cave and the entrance is actually a restaurant used to disguise the rest of the place. And I love how each rabbit has some kind of occupation to bring about the dream of the Mended Wood. Even the painters and storytellers are painting and telling stories about the Mended Wood and the future of their kingdom. 

And the lore and history of this world is so real and believeable. I like how the bit about King Jupiter wasn't something that happened centuries or even decades ago but it was only a generation ago. It made it seem more real and tangible. It also made Smalls more sympathetic because his dad was one of the best kings in Natalia and he died. 

There's a lot more I could say about this wonderful story but I think to go into detail of it, I'd have to create two or maybe even three posts about it. XD

To wrap this up, I want to leave you with this beautiful playlist that I found on YouTube. 

Melodies of the Mended Wood

In Christ alone,
Naomi Johns ;)


  1. Love this so much!!! 😭 There was a time when I didn't have anyone to fangirl with about Green Ember and Wingfeather, so I'm so glad you're in the club too! And girl, each book in the series just gets better!


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