New Year, New Expectations.

Hello everybody! I'm here. So, for my end of the year post, I was planning on doing a recap of all the books that I read and what my ratings were, I'd even been keeping track of them via Goodreads but something has come up (it partly has to with a book I'm reading.) and I want to share my thoughts with you about it. 

So, if you don't know, I joined something called the Young Writer's Workshop about two years ago in August 2018 and it's been one of the best things in my life. What you might not know, is that it is run by some of the most amazing people on the planet. One of them being Brett Harris. He and his twin brother Alex wrote a book which I'm sure you've heard of at one point or another called Do Hard Things. I'm only on chapter four at the moment but the things that I've learned have been amazing. You should definitely give it a read (and don't get bogged down at the third chapter like I've done with other non-fiction books before). This book is all about teenagers rebelling against the low expectations that the culture sets for us. Doing more than what people expect of us and... well, doing hard things. 

There's a quote in this book that I really like (I'm not sure which twin wrote it though XD) "For all of us, expectations are a self-fulfilling prophecy." This means that if we or others set low expectations for us, we will meet those expectations and probably stop there. But if the bar is higher, and we push our selves or others push us, then we are able to accomplish a lot more. There are three great examples of this in chapter 3, pages 31-32 of Do Hard Things about three young people in history who completed great tasks that they were expected to fulfill. (Spoiler alert: they succeeded.) 

For the new year, I have made my resolution to be to push myself farther than I normally would and do harder things rather than just staying in my comfort zone. Not to quit when things get hard but to push on. To set higher expectations for myself and to work do my hardest to please the Lord and not myself. To do everything I do for the Lord. 

That's about all I wanted to say today. So, go forth, stop procrastinating on that thing you've always wanted to do. Stop just thinking about it and actually do it! I believe in you. Even if you don't believe in yourself. 

Go and change the world. Because anyone can be a world changer if they dedicate themselves to it. 

In Christ alone,
Naomi ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing this quote, Naomi! That's such an encouragement to not be afraid of the hard things God calls us to do in His strength.


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