The King Is Dead ~ The Lion King

Greetings! This post may need a little backstory. 
So, a couple weeks ago, someone on the Young Writer's Workshop had the idea to write a scene from a movie as if it was in a book. I tried it with two scenes and really enjoyed it. I liked it because it allowed me to not focus on what would happen next because I already knew what would happen, it also helped me delve into the characters' thoughts and emotions. I also learned that I really enjoy writing sad scenes. As you might have guessed from the picture above, one of the scenes I did is from The Lion King. I thought it might be a neat idea to share what I wrote with you all! I do not own the movie, the only thing I own is my interpretation of the characters' thoughts and feelings. 

Disclaimer: Be prepared for some tears. (Haha! See what I did there? Be prepared.)

The King Is Dead

Simba’s POV

As the last wildebeest runs along the gorge, I see the dust settle and start searching frantically for my dad. Then I see him, lying beneath the tree I had climbed to escape the horde. He is so still that I almost don’t believe he is still alive.
Cautiously, I scamper to him and walk around to see his face. Something isn’t right. I can just feel it. His eyes are closed and his mane is limp around his face. I bite my lip trying to keep back the tears of what might have happened.
“Dad?” I whisper, my voice cracking with the oncoming tears I am still trying to hold back. “Dad, come on.” I try to push him up but he falls back to the ground “You gotta get up.” I put my paws on him and push, “Dad, we gotta go home.” He doesn’t move.
Fear gripping my heart I bite on his ear and pull as hard as I could but he doesn’t move. Looking around, I call out
“Help!” I run to one end of the gorge, “Somebody!” My voice echos off the walls. “Anybody,” I whisper, tears are starting to fall. “Help.” I’m crying now. I walk back to my father and push up his limp forepaw sliding under it to feel his gentleness around me for the last time.
I don’t know what to do so I just stay there and cry, wishing that this was all a dream. He shouldn’t have come to rescue me. Why did Uncle Scar have to bring me here to see his surprise? No surprise was worth this. I rest my head against his muzzle wishing I could feel his breath against my face again.
“Simba,” I hear Uncle Scar’s voice above me and I turn my head to see his face. “What have you done?” His expression is that of pure horror. I am sure he hates me now. I pull out from under neat my father’s paws and look in my uncle’s face.
“The wildebeest… and he tried to save me.” I can’t even string a complete sentence together I’m crying so much. “It was an accident. I… I didn’t mean for it to happen.”
“Of course, of course, you didn’t” Uncle Scar pulls me into a hug but I can’t stop looking at my father, “No one ever means for these things to happen.” I wrap my paws around his leg, “But the king is dead.” he continues, and I stare up at him. So it is true. “And if it weren’t for you, he’d still be alive.” The full truth of it hits me. I did it. I killed him. It’s my fault.
Uncle Scar gasps, and I look back up at him. “What will your mother think?”
I haven’t thought of that before. “What am I gonna do?”
Uncle Scar doesn’t even hesitate as he says, “Run away, Simba.”
I back up and look at my father.
“Run away and never return.”
Holding back a sob, I spin on my heels and run as far and as fast as I can with those words ringing in my ears.
Run away, run away, run away.
The king is dead and it’s my fault.


  1. Let me know what you think of this and if you would like to see more.

  2. Wow Naomi!! Beautifully done.

  3. Oooh I love this!!! Definitely gonna try this! Just found your blog through Insta and looking forward to reading more of your posts!


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