4 Productive things to do when when nothing is going on

Hey everyone! How are y'all doing? Today I wanted to do something a little more lighthearted and since we are still kinda in quarantine I thought this might be fun, so here we go.
(I'm just writing these things down as they come to my mind, this is in no particular order other than train of thought.)

4 Productive things to do when nothing is going on.

1. Clean

Kind of a given but sometimes when things are busy you forget to take care of your living space. Whether it be your bedroom, kitchen, schoolroom, any place you spend a good amount of time in. I find that a clean living space helps to reduce stress in my mind and I can get more done. When my bedroom has clothes on the floor and my desk is a mess, I can't focus on one task because everything is out of order. And when I go into that room I'm immediately drained of energy. 
You don't have to do a full deep clean (unless you really want to or your house needs it) just enough to make the place pleasing to enter. 

2. Try learning a new skill

Whether it be a new language or a new instrument or even how to knit or crochet. If there is something you've been wanting to try, do it! Even if it's as daunting as writing a novel. You can do it!😉
(Side note: if you want to learn a new instrument but don't' want to spend tones of money on it or lessons, I would suggest you try the tin whistle. You can find really good ones for less than $15 and it is really easy to learn on YouTube.)

3. Write something

It doesn't have to be a book. You could even take a few extra minutes every day to journal. If you are especially creative and want to try something a little different, try bullet journaling. I started last month and I am really enjoying it! You can even use a lined journal if you don't have a dotted or grid journal. (I'm planning on having a separate post about bullet journaling and why I like it)

4. Find a good book series to read

You probably guessed I'd say this some time or another, but I saved the best for last. Reading is awesome and every person should have a good book or series of books that they just absolutely adore. (If you don't know where to start or need book suggestions, please feel free to shoot me an email or check out Maya Joelle's website where you can contact her and she will give you free personalized book suggestions https://mayajoelle.wixsite.com/library)