Life Lessons From the Greatest Showman

So, if you have seen some of my other posts, you may know that I LOVE a good movie (We can talk about what constitutes a good movie later) and that The Greatest Showman is one of my favorites.
There are a lot of good morals in the movie even though it is not strictly a 'Christian' movie.

This post could also be titled "Searching for Significance Ft. The Greatest Showman"
Almost everyone in the movie is having an identity crisis.

All of life is about learning what God made you to do and as long as you are doing what He made you to do, you cannot fail
The Enemy wants to deceive you by either making you think that you have to stay small so you don't fail and hide in your little shell, or just like he deceived Adam in the Garden of Eden, entice you with this apple, this picture of something that's so great, it's better than God. Keeping you on the hamster wheel chasing this thing that will make you happy.
In P. T. Barnum's case, he had it all and was still chasing fame and glory. His wife even said something to him about it.
"When will it ever be enough for you?"
Every time I watch this movie I can't help but think of Jenny Lind's song which happened a few minutes before "All the shine of a thousand spotlights, all the stars we steal from the night sky will never be enough for me."
Barnum was just chasing his dream of proving to his father-in-law that he was more than "just a tailor's boy". Even after he has fame and glory he is still seeking the approval of others. It's not until he loses everything that he realizes that what really matters. Love, joy, and family.
What really matters is what God created you for. Are you looking for your significance, your purpose, your meaning, your hope in God or are you or are you looking for something else to satisfy you making that your idol? Are you putting your identity in Christ or are you putting it in what people think of you or what your job is or anything other than God? 
I think we all need to take a moment to really think and ask God "what am I valuing most right now in my life?"


  1. Also, another great movie that talks about identity is Overcomer. We just finished that like five minutes ago and I must say, I would definatally watch that one again!

  2. Amen Naomi! you are right on track my beautiful, wonderful, daughter. I'm thankful God is revealing these life lessons to you early in life. Remember this scene from Overcomer "Who are you John?"


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