Writer's Block and other stuff

So, I was having a hard time coming up with something to write about and my original idea was to just give y'all a NaNo update and possibly another snippet of my NaNo Project which I am now calling The Tale of Two Sisters. But just a little bit ago my mom suggested to me that I write about how I overcome writer's block. Hmm... I thought. That's a good idea.
So thank you, Mom!!

Ok so, what is writer's block?
Basically, it is something this stopping you from writing. A feeling that makes you think "Ugg, I just can't write, I don't know what should happen" or "I don't know how to word this properly." or "I just don't feel like writing." or really anything that is stopping you from writing your novel/essay/story/etc.

What if I told you that writer's block is not an actual thing?
Now I'm not one of those psychiatrists or people who study how the brain works but what if writer's block was just an excuse not to write.
I understand that there can be outside forces that keep you from writing like siblings calling for your attention or responsibilities that you have to carry out but that's not really what people would call writer's block.
Back in July, I saw a really great and helpful video about writer's block and it changed how I thought about it (Video will be linked below if you are interested). Basically what they said, is that writer's block is all in your head. The main cause of it is fear. If you don't know how to word a sentence most of the time the cause if fear. Fear of what other people will think of the words you chose. Now I understand that some times you can experience writer's block because you don't know what word best describes what you are trying to describe and that is a different story.

Here is my prosses for throwing the monster called writer's block out the window. Keep in mind that this doesn't just apply to writing novels

Step One:

Give yourself permission to write bad.
"But why would I want to write bad?"
Great question. If you are writing the first or second or maybe even third draft of whatever it is you are writing than it is probably not going to be the last and that means that the version you are writing right now isn't going to be seen by anyone.
"I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” - Shannon Hale
This is a perfect representation of writing. In the final edits and rewrites, you are going to refine everything to turn it into a castle but you don't need to worry about how it looks in the first draft because it most likely isn't going to be your last. So give yourself permission to write bad.

Step Two:

Take a quick moment to think about what you want to write if you were not blocked. Once you have that proceed to step three

Step Three:

After you have given yourself permission to write bad and reminded yourself of the quote I mentioned above, set a timer for three to ten minutes or however long you want to write. (Personally, I think five minutes is a good medium just because I can usually get around 100 words in that time)
and WRITE!!! Write as much as you can in that time. Every time you get a little bogged down with thoughts like "Why did you choose that word?" Or "Why is your character doing that?" Tell those voices "I am merely shoveling sand into a box so later I can make a castle." 

That's about it. The video I will link below goes into a little more detail but this is my proses and it really works for me.

(p.s. I also found on Pinterest a foolproof writer's block chart that helps you with other things aside from fear like having no idea what is going on in your story and I will put that picture down below. Sorry my explanation didn't make any sense but once you see the picture you will understand.)

A NaNo update.
I have like 32k and I have 9 days left. Don't ask how I am going to win because I don't know. Writing 2k words a day is hard y'all!

Anyway, I think I might be able to win. Don't ask why I think that.

See y'all next week!

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcKtcXbjwD4 and here's the picture