You probably know that the month of November is the National Novel Writing Month. What you didn't know is that I will be participating in it!!! This is the first year I have ever done it and I am very excited.
This morning I woke up at 3:30 and I just could not go back to sleep so I thought "why not write?" I wrote for about an hour and I got... 520 words written!!! I also wrote some during breakfast and now I have a grand total of 933 words!!! Not nearly enough to meet my goal of 2,000 words but I plan to write some more after lunch and before I go to bed tonight.
So today, I want to share with you what I am expecting out of NaNo, why I chose to do it, what I think of it so far, and maybe a snippet. We'll see.

What I plan to get out of NaNo

Well, I'm hoping to learn to be more consistent with my writing and to discover how much I can actually write in a day if I set my mind to it. I think this will be a great experience. I mean, when I am published and my publisher is asking for more books I'll probably have deadlines and things right?

Why did I choose to do NaNo

Because I thought it might be fun! Honestly, I signed up on a whim and so far I am NOT regreting it. 

What do I think of it so far?

I'm loving it!!! Granted, I'm only on the first day but I am going to kill that deadline. My goal is to have 60k words in my book rather than 50k so that I have an even 2,000 words to write every day and if I get behind in my goal, I won't be behind in their goal. (that probably didn't make any sense to you but it makes sense to me and that's what's important XD)

And now...............

Y'all get a special snippet from my still untitled book!!!

(Note: I wrote this piece this morning and I am not a grammar expert so this is going to be pretty bad so please don't judge. Thank you.......... I also may or may not be regretting this)

"We then reached the metro which would take us to school. As usual, Jeremy greeted the orphan boys running it and showed them one of his famous magic tricks in an attempt to put a smile on their faces. 

I’ve often wondered where those boys go for the night and what their lives are like. 

We boarded the metro and one boy went to the front to start the engine and make sure it was on the tracks correctly. I glanced out the window and watched as the other boy messed with something on the tracks beneath my window. 

Suddenly I became aware of Jeremy talking to me.

"Everdeen?" He said. 

“What?” I said pretending it was his fault I didn’t hear him.

“I said, Why do you think those boys are doing that?”

“What do you mean?” 

“They look to be about your age, why are they not in school.”

“Well, they kinda do. They go to the School of Trades. Remember when Dad was explaining how things work there?”

“I think so, Isn’t it like an orphanage where kids below the age of 18 are working?”

“Yes, and the older boys are given the harder jobs.” 

“Isn’t Dad in charge of one of the guilds?”

I slowly nodded, “I’m pretty sure he is. He doesn’t talk much about his job but I think he is in charge of the Cleaner's Guild.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m not sure.”

For the rest of the ride, we sat in or own thoughts." 

I told you. It's really rough but hey, that is why we have first drafts am I right?

I have one more thing I want to give y'all a heads-up on. 

Next Friday I might not be able to get a post for y'all because... wait for it...

I'm going on a campout!

That's right! I'll be camping with my dad and sister at a father/daughter campout in Martin Dies National Park. Last year when we did this I had so much fun even though it was incredibly cold (for us South Texans) and it rained the first night and my socks were wet for the entirety of the next day.
I just hope it doesn't rain this time.

Until next time