The Little Things

This is the last Friday in September. Can you believe that? I know a whole month sounds like a long time but in reality, the days flew by like lightning.
If one month can fly by that fast, then how fast can a year go by? Sometimes I can't believe I'm 16. I still want to go back to being the 15-year old I was, not so very long ago. Next year is my last year in high school and the year after that I will be a legal adult.
That's a scary thought.
But today, I don't want to brood on the time that has passed. I want to focus on the things that we might take for granted. The little things in life. (Hence the title of the post.)
Life is full of these little blessings in disguise. Like my brothers! Even though they can be a pain in the rear at times, I still love then and when I'm out of the house, I will miss them desperately. I won't have someone to play LEGOs with.
BTW Look at this lamppost I built.
I'm a master builder!!!

When I have random inspirations for a new book (not that I don't already have enough) my favorite (and only) sister graciously hears me out and offers her opinions.
YWW is another thing that I sometimes find myself taking for granted. An amazing community of writers who encourage, support, and offer feedback to each other.
God is just so amazing. Last night I was thinking about what I should post today and when I went to journal, and write about the day and stuff, I was just amazed at what God has blessed us with.
We get TONS of stuff for free through the internet. We get to learn, write, create, travel, worship Christ, LIVE!
Life is AMAZING, y'all.

Today I want to do something a bit different. I know this post was a lot shorter than my others but I want to make up for that by having a discussion with you via comments.

My question to you is: What is one small thing that you are grateful for and why?  I think this will be a wonderful way to a) get closer to Christ, and b) be a more happy person.


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