Book Snippet #1

Here is one of my favorite snippets from my WIP The King's Reign.  Let me know what you think and if I should do more of these.

“Who’s there?!” Gabriel swung out of his hammock, and drew his sword, “Oh, you.” He put a nasty emphasis on “You” that Emily couldn’t quite figure out. After looking around, Gabriel addressed Emily in a more pleasant tone. “We need to leave now. Wake you brother and then we can start.”

Emily nodded, “I think he is already up finding something for breakfast.”

“We don’t have time for that. Find him and tell him that it is time to go. We can stop for a meal once we have covered some ground”

Emily didn't know how to respond to this. She was about to give him a snappy reply, but she thought better of it.

"Perhaps I should go with you" Gabriel started taking down his hammock and rolled it up. "You probably don't know where to look."

At this, Emily's dislike for the man grew ten times bigger, but she held her peace. It wouldn't be ladylike to tear him apart with her words like she so wanted to do.

"Fine." She said in the rudest way possible. He didn't seem to take any notice, which infuriated her even more.

You are impossible. She thought.

"Which way did you see him go?" Gabriel said after putting up his things.

"I didn't see him leave. When I awoke, he was gone."

Gabriel rolled his eyes. "Did he leave you a note?"

Emily thought a moment, "No. I..."

"Then how do you know he went hunting?"

"It is the only logical explanation. If you woke just before dawn when everyone else was asleep, wouldn't you find something for your company to eat so as not to waste daylight?"

"No!" He quickly replied, "Because I would know that just before dawn is the most dangerous time to go out hunting. Many thieves and kidnappers lurk in this wood around that time! But obviously, you wouldn't know anything about that because you live in the East where everything is hunky dory and fine and you haven't a care in the World. Well, let me tell you, Real life is hard and real life has trials and dangers. The sooner you learn that the better." He turned to face the rising sun. "If he went anywhere he would have left tracks of some kind. Like a disturbed tree branch, or crushed leaves. Maybe he even dropped something of some kind. Let's hope the latter, finding disturbances in a forest like this could be very difficult."

Emily was about to ask if looking for hidden shreds of evidence like that was part of his training, but she thought better of it. No sense in testing his temper again.

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