5 Reasons Why Being a Writer Is the Best Job EVER!!!

I was having a hard time writing coming up with something profound or whatever so I decided to write something a little different. So here we go!!!

Reason #1
Writing gives you an outlet to express your ideas, thoughts and feelings.
When I write I feel like I can express myself better than when I am talking with someone. I can intertwine my beliefs into my story. I can create worlds out of scratch and add my own laws and other ideas to it and see if it works.

Reason #2: You get to be weird!
Trust me, being weird is SO MUCH FUN! Doing weird things like, making references to your book and everyone else has no idea what you are talking about. Or covering your face in soot just so you can be more in character. (I actually know someone who did that once). Or even going outside in the in the dark and acting out what is going on in your story by yourself.

Reason #3: You can create books that you would love to read.
I've often heard people say "write the book you want to read" If you want to read a book about a pirate who loves the sea but is allergic to fish, then write that book! Or if you love romances but finding ones that are clean is a very difficult challenge, then write your own clean romance!

Reason #4: You read books in a new light
I will never read books the same again. Even watching movies is different for me. When I was watching The LEGO Movie 2, I could see the plot twists even before the bag guy's true intentions were reviled.

Reason #5:  You can make money at a young age
Unless you are only writing for fun and don't plan to get published, you can make money from your book as soon as you publish it. At first it probably won't be enough to live off of, but it's something, and you are enjoying your job!

This is the end of my list. Hope you liked it.


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