When you feel far from God

Have you ever felt like your relationship with God has… well, drifted away from what it used to be?
I know I have felt that way many times.
Over the years I've learned a thing or two about this.
First, what causes us to feel far from God?
Ok, first off, God is never far from us. We are the ones who drift from him. It's the same as saying
"God showed up." God is always there, you are the one who showed up.
But why do we drift from him, what causes that?
Have you ever watched Little House on the Prairie? If you have, then you can't forget Nellie Oleson.
I want to point out one scene where she is destroying almost every pretty thing in her room and saying,
"I HATE LAURA!" (or something like that) over and over again. You might be wondering what this has
to do with your relationship with God. I'm getting to that.
Let me tell another story. When I was maybe twelve or thirteen, my dad took me and my sister through
a Bible study called One-On-One with God (I highly recommend it). It would have you reading the Bible
every day until you complete the study.. When I finished the Bible study, I, for whatever reason, stopped
reading the Bible, as if I was only reading it to get a checkmark. Here is where we put the two stories
together (kind of). One day after I was really angry with one of my brothers. I stormed upstairs fuming
and I found myself thinking "I HATE HIM!" Suddenly I remembered that image of Nellie banging her
toy on her beautiful dollhouse screeching those exact words about Laura.
I don't remember what made me put two and two together, but I remembered that I never got this angry
with any of my siblings when I was doing the Bible study.
What I am getting at is the fact that reading God's word brought me closer to Him, and when I stopped,
I found myself drifting from Him. I didn't even see that until it was gone.
My point is: Talk to God and read the Bible daily. 
But make sure that when you are reading the Bible, you are not just looking at meaningless black
squiggles on white paper. Those black squiggles are only the beginning of the greatest story ever told
and should not be taken lightly. Study what they mean. When you are reading something like Psalms
or Proverbs try to imagine what the author was thinking or feeling. Or when you read Paul’s letters to his
brothers and sisters in Christ marvel at the fact that he is glorifying God even when he is in prison.
And if you miss a day, that's okay, just make sure that you are talking to God daily. Start a prayer journal
or a daily devotional --Jesus Calling is a great devotional. Each little thing is only one page long and
super motivational and encouraging. 
Also, thank Him for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Do it until it becomes second nature to you. 
My youth pastor put it this way, “Distance from God starts when and where thankfulness stops.” 
That's all for now, I hope that helps. 


  1. Beautifully said Naomi. I'm so proud of you!! I'm your biggest fan, and your dad of course! :)


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